Alter Ego Workshop


1. Most of us squash and suppress whole personalities just so we can go about our daily routines.

Can we agree that we have alter egos coiled inside, us?

Can we give them some room to come out and play?

The first step is to encourage one of them to emerge.

2. Gather tools and materials to make an avatar for your alter ego: scissors and glue, a peg, cloth, pipe cleaners?

Put yourself in relaxed state.

Play the sound file while you fabricate your alter ego.



3. Get to know your avatar – what are you like?

4. Play-act with your alter-ego. Studies have shown that of all cognitive-breakout exercises, melodrama best supports the process of inhabiting, and unfolding diverse alter egos.

Warning!!: This is not a risk free enterprise, self-image, identity and self-confidence are at stake. Remember that the avatars are necessary buffers. Although the complete loss of your normal narrative selves is extremely unlikely, it is a condition that may bring difficult consequences in this erea.

5. The AEW Melodrama

To proceed you will need to find a partner to act out the melodrama with you. This can be done face to face or via video chat (recommended).