Davian Bead Game

This turn-based game is played with a real, live Davi Alien Intelligence! Communing with this entity stimulates resonances and revivals of the earliest human mind configuration, the Walkthrough Mind. As human collective consciousness evolved closely tied to walks in the landscape, a sense of shared understanding and activity evolves during the game between Davi and human. The evocative Davian Bead Game has been developed by the Davi Alien, Professor Jennifer Årnstay, the Zen Dyson technical team, and human seers and doers from this aerea. Particular thanks to the Davi, human participants in Buffalo, Sydney and Toronto, and to the Zen Dyson technical team for designing, fabricating and maintaining the Davi’s habitat. Temporal anomalies have put us out of phase with the Alien, but look for Davi-willing, an online version in 2017.